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Valentine's Day Blog - Before the Shoot

📸 ❤ Valentine’s Day Blog - Before the Shoot

I use mood boards to design shoots, events, special occasions or even to start the creative process flow when I am not sure what I want to do. When I am not sure, I save things I like onto a board until a pattern emerges and that’s where I begin… My daughter wanted a Valentine Day's shoot for my granddaughter and I started to design the shoot in my mind. I knew I wanted something different, not the typical pink and red heart shaped theme. Valentine’s Day is about love and I wanted to convey the balance between the child who still loves her favorite stuffed animal and the girl who is growing up and loves sports. So that became my theme. Then I created a mood board to reflect my vision of colors, clothes and props to help capture this vision and the mood. I wanted to use neutral colors of black, white and beige. I envisioned a white backdrop with white boxes and chairs. Finally I chose poses that convey both sides of my granddaughter. ❤

Check out my next blog - "Valentine’s Day Blog - After the Shoot", to see if the images we created are close to my original design. Coming soon…

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