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What is a Family Session?

A family session is a portrait session with a few key differences.

Session Fee
There isn't one! A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve the date and time of your session. The deposit goes toward the balance of your package.

A consultation is not included but suggestions for clothing options are given to you.

Session Length & Location
A family session is one hour long with the choice of 1 of 2 location options. Offsite location which is chosen by us or the studio option. 

Ordering & Packages
You will receive a link to view your images in an online gallery.
There are 2 packages to choose from:
10 image package - $295
All digitals - $495

ginadinvernophotography_Dina Griauzde_Portrait_111223-16.jpg
ginadinvernophotography_Dina Griauzde_Portrait_111223-12.jpg
ginadinvernophotography_Dina Griauzde_Portrait_111223-41.jpg
ginadinvernophotography_Dina Griauzde_Portrait_111223-42.jpg
ginadinvernophotography_Dina Griauzde_Portrait_111223-38.jpg
2019 Dailey Christmas-47_edited.jpg
2019 Dailey Christmas-56_edited.jpg
2019 Dailey Christmas-41_edited.jpg
ginadinvernophotography_Angela Lieder Family_Portraits_102321-1.jpg
ginadinvernophotography_Angela Lieder Family_Portraits_102321-29.jpg
ginadinvernophotography_Angela Lieder Family_Portraits_102321-19.jpg
ginadinvernophotography_Angela Lieder Family_Portraits_102321-20_edited.jpg
ginadinvernophotography_Angela Lieder Family_Portraits_102321-25_edited.jpg
Gina Dinverno Photography_Tortomose Family Fall Shoot_102520-1_edited.jpg
Gina Dinverno Photography_Tortomose Family Fall Shoot_102520-2.jpg
Gina Dinverno Photography_Tortomose Family Fall Shoot_102520-3.jpg
Gina Dinverno Photography_Tortomose Family Fall Shoot_102520-6.jpg
Gina Dinverno Photography_Tortomose Family Fall Shoot_102520-7_edited.jpg
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