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Gina Dinverno, owner and photographer of Gina Dinverno Photography
Featured Children's Portrait in Shutter Magazine

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Gina became interested in photography in high school when she picked up her first camera, a Minolta 35mm film camera. Education, career, marriage and children filled her life and then, Gina rediscovered her passion for photography in 2011. Even while working a full-time job, photography became a big part of her life and in 2016, she started Gina Dinverno Photography.

Gina specializes in creating contemporary, magazine style Headshots, Branding and Portraits. She is inspired by the feminine strength and individual beauty of every woman and is fascinated by the innocence and energy of children. She enjoys creating headshots and branding photos to help elevate marketing for professionals. 

She currently resides in Macomb, Michigan. 



Gina is an accredited associate photographer with The Portrait Masters. She loves the art and strives to better herself everyday and in many ways. ​


Her studies include her membership to Sue Bryce Education to study with the world-renowned photographer. She has attended The Portrait Masters Conference where top photographers teach and where shooting bays are available for attendees to practice under the tutelage of these same photographers.  

My first photo appeared in Shutter Magazine, a worldwide magazine for photographers with over 100,000 subscribers.


"After multiple attempts over the years, I finally found my professional photo photographer! Gina made me feel comfortable which led to natural poses and smiles which made all the difference! She literally is the best in the business!!   Dawn - Client Advocate at Titleocity

ginadinvernophotography_Angela Lieder Family_Portraits_102321-29.jpg

"Great experience with the family at Innovations Park. Photo memories made capturing the grandchildren. Highly recommend!"  Pat - Grandmother


Brand Headshot in a Gina Dinverno Photography Testimonial

"Looking to have your personal brand captured in a professional photo? I recommend that you contact Gina Dinverno, she has an amazing talent for capturing the perfect image of you, your children or family. She is so easy to work with, a master behind the lens!"  Rosalina - CEO of Salon Treuvis Studio Suites

Brand Headshot in Gina Dinverno Photography Testimonial

"Gina captured the essence of me and I was so pleased with the result. 

Photography with Gina was so easy. She knew the right background with my clothes selection and the result was amazing."  Linda - Certified Public Accountant

Brand Headshot in a Gina Dinverno Photography Testimonial

"Thank you so much Gina for my new head shots for my business cards... I love all of them! Looking forward to family photos."  Vickie - Realtor

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