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Engagement Shoot Travel Planning

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Travel Shoot

#Portraits Later this month I’ll be traveling to do an engagement photo shoot. I always look forward to shooting in a different locale and this time is no exception, but traveling adds another dimension to planning, designing and to the actual shoot itself. There’s clothing and posing to consider, but I also need to think about location, weather and sun direction (if outside) and traveling with equipment.

To begin, I research the location online and since I can’t visit it until the actual shoot, I want to find the best places to take photos ahead of time. At the same time, I’m thinking about the sun and how it will light my subjects and how I can use my lights to supplement or mitigate hard sunlight. My preference is to shoot early in the morning, but sometimes that isn’t possible and you have to go with it. However, an overcast day provides a big softbox that eliminates shadows and makes lighting the subjects easier.

(Whenever shooting at a destination, it’s a good idea to find out about the rules for shooting, such as if a license is needed and if there are any costs to have a photo shoot at the location.)

After I’ve checked the destination, I decide what equipment I want to bring and how to pack it, especially when flying. My must haves for any shoot are: 2 cameras, numerous batteries, multiple cards, lenses, and a speedlight. The biggest decision for me is which lens do I want to bring… most of the time I end up with 3 zooms and 1 prime. I use a carryon roller bag for the items I want with me at all times like cameras, lenses, flashes, etc. A checked bag could contain lights packaged securely along with other bulkier items. There’s always the option of renting, but I would rather take my own equipment, if possible. Whatever the mode of transportation, space limitation is a complexity that requires careful planning of equipment. Can you tell where I’m going by these photos? #engagementphotos #destinationshoot #love #savethedate

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