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The Importance of the Consultation

#BrandYOU 📸

I find it beneficial to have a complimentary pre-consultation with potential clients to give them a face-to-face meeting to learn about me, my business and pricing. If that leads to a shoot, then the next step is the consultation, where we discuss personal style, design of shoot and photo session. The consultation is important for me to learn the style, brand, vision, as well as any concerns clients have regarding a shoot. Colors, clothing options, backdrops, posing, and expressions are a few of the topics I’ll cover so you are well prepared for your day. I’ll also answer any questions you may have about the shoot. Meet Niki, a new realtor at Keller Williams Lakeside. She wanted to jumpstart her new career with headshots for her business cards and online presence. Typically, clients like either gray, black or white backdrops, but while discussing clothing options, Niki pulled out a hot pink top and I suggested a pink backdrop and she was game to try it. Also, we thought using a navy blue backdrop would make her light gray blazer stand out. She ended up with 4 photos with 4 different backdrops to give her a variety of options for her marketing. If you want to try something new, let’s talk about a shoot where we can express your individuality for you and your brand.

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