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The Art of Black and White Photography

📸 The Art of Black and White Photography

What is it about monochromatic photography that draws people into the photograph? For me, it is the story I imagine within the photo. What secret joke is behind a subject’s smirk or the journey of a musician that brought him to this spot in front of my camera? Is she thinking about what her future holds or the swimmer poised on the block with a competitive determination stamped on her face reliving the practices to get there?

I love the stories that draw me in and evoke a myriad of emotions as I ponder the image. Art is supposed to do that, right? With color absent from the photo, another world opens up and to each person it looks and feels different.

Black and white photos of children bring out their innocence, personality and even their determination.

Enjoy art and next time you see a black and white image, stop to imagine the story behind the image. Here are a few to get you started... or check out my fine art photos on my website.

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