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Professional Photographer, I-phone, Selfie Station - ways to capture a moment

As a professional photographer I'm aware of the photo opportunities in all situations and it took me awhile to enjoy the moment without having to dissect the lighting in a room and how best to use it to take a photo. I stopped, for the most part, bringing my camera everywhere I went in order to capture "the" photo. But for those important moments in our lives, sometimes it takes more than just one way or person to capture it. Finding myself alone at the hall before my daughter's wedding reception, I took out my iPhone (an old version) and took pictures of the hall before the guests arrived. Even though I knew the photographer and his second shooter would capture the event beautifully, I wanted to record the things I knew I would want to remember later on. The photos weren't "picture perfect" but they fulfilled the need perfectly.

I always say to people planning a wedding that the photographer is the one vendor you want to splurge on because through photos you can relive the event over and over again especially when the details become fuzzy in your mind. You won't regret this expenditure as you get to see the wedding through the photographer's lens. There is more than just pushing a button...the photographer is an artist and using his ideas, vision, camera and equipment can produce awesome photos of the bride, groom, guests and expressions that exist for just a moment.

Finally, photos are fun. Everyone wants to take photos when they are having a good time with family and friends. People want to get goofy and laugh. It is such a gift to give to ourselves and to others by sharing laughter with one another. A photo/selfie station is great for creating a photo where everyone can be in it. And the different options like boomerang bring out your funny side even for those who are more reserved.

So use whatever is available to take photos of those times that you want to remember. And print! Print your favorites to hang where you can see them every day to keep the memories alive and close to you.

Selfie photos:

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