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My Top Ten Successes

My last blog was about my top 10 mistakes. To follow up that post, this one is a list of the top 10 things that I did right and provided life-changing moments for me. It’s good for me to own up to my past mistakes and blogging about them felt like a band-aid being ripped from a wound, but it begins the healing process. Recognizing mistakes, I can now move forward to grow and evaluate how many I was able to turn around into successes. Here is my top 10 success list, which like my mistake list may change over time. So understand that this is just a snapshot in time. You just knew I was going to relate to photography in some way.

1. Being a mom to 3 fantastic kids!

2. Attending as many of my kid’s events/activities that I could, maybe more than they wanted me too.

3. Discovering my faith and keeping it close to me.

4. Finding and pursuing my passion.

5. Removing toxic people from my life.

6. Traveling to Italy. (Photo below taken at the top of St. Peter's Basilica Dome, Vatican City, 2006)

7. Getting written content published in a children’s magazine.

8. Getting an image that I took of my granddaughter published in a national photography magazine with over 100,000 subscribers.

9. Earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

10. Working for a Fortune 500 company for 25 years.

And the one thing I work on every day is learning to go with the flow, which in the end, makes everything easier.

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