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My "Big Why"

It was during one of my first real estate workshops that I learned about the “Big Why.” The speaker asked the class to identify what it was that motivates us to succeed in real estate. What is our "Big Why?" This gave me pause to think and I knew in a minute what my “Big Why” was that drove me. It drove me in real estate and now is the force that drives me to keep moving toward my goal of having a successful photography business.

I had a corporate career in IT for 25 years and a job I loved for the most part, where I climbed the ladder to a management position and was financially comfortable. One day, without any notice, I was suddenly let go. This was traumatic for me. I didn’t sleep even with a sleeping aid. I couldn’t eat because my security was threatened with only myself to support me. For a structured person like me, I was tremendously vulnerable, and I never wanted to feel that way again. So that day, in my real estate workshop, four months after losing my livelihood, I raised my hand and told everyone my “Big Why.” I was determined to become independent and financially set by being an entrepreneur and the boss of my life so I would never feel vulnerable again and at the whim of some corporate person who didn’t even know my name.

You don’t need to have a traumatic experience to have a “Big Why,” but if you are in pursuit of a dream, a goal or find the need to change your life’s trajectory, then I recommend that you identify, understand and document what the single force is that motivates you.

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