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Lifestyle Photography

Photography trends come and go. Today, one of the latest trends is Lifestyle Photography. So what is it? The objective is to capture the art of life of individuals and families as its happening, but also to create images that are visually appealing.

As a photographer, I offer contemporary, magazine-style Headshots, Branding and Portraits. I am not a lifestyle photographer, but I was asked to photograph a baptism this past weekend which gave me the opportunity to explore this genre.

To prepare for the shoot, I did some research by poring over photos by other photographers and technically reconstructed the position of the photographer; direction of ambient light, etc. Then, I checked the church website for rules and photos for photographing in the church.

AND, just like real life, when I arrived, the priest told me I could only move about 2 feet in any direction by the wall, due to the ceremony being live streamed. This would be tricky so I had to embrace the moment, get creative and add a dash of quick thinking to get the shots I envisioned for the day. I used a couple different zoom lens’ to capture the family up close as well as far away, stayed engaged in every moment and kept my camera ready at all times. Here are a couple of my favorites from the day. #lifestylephotography #families #portraits

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