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Experience a Shoot

#PortraitYOU 📸When was the last time you experienced a shoot where the photographer directed your every pose? Took the time to ensure your hair and clothing were in place? Gave guidance on facial microexpressions to change the mood of the photo?

Some of the things I hear clients say are, “I never take a good photograph” or “I don’t know how to pose” and my favorite, “I hate having my picture taken.” I understand being in front of the camera is not easy, but it’s my job to give you a great photo that shows you at your best. It’s my job to guide you through poses that feel awkward and uncomfortable but look great in camera. And I direct you in microexpressions because there is more to your face than just a smile. The directions will produce expressions that show confidence, approachability and welcoming smiles.

It’s not easy, I have done it myself, and while doing it I’m thinking, “I wonder how this looks,” and do I look as awkward as this position feels?” Paid models are given direction all the time in a photo shoot. It’s not just people who have never stepped into a professional shoot. Oh sure, they can get into a pose quicker but that’s their job and probably have been doing it for years. The photographer is going for a look and checks it in camera. They are looking at the overall photo and the details at the same time trying to achieve it. So relax and let the photographer direct and guide you through your shoot without feeling as if you are failing at it, because your not. Instead enjoy the moment of it being about you. You will be great!

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