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How to Hang Wall Art

#FineArt 📸 How to Hang Wall Art

Hanging wall art is as personal as choosing the art that hangs in your home. Art doesn’t have to be expensive to look great, the key is to aesthetically design the photos and to properly hang them on the wall.

Consider Space Characteristics

The first thing to consider is the space you want to enhance with wall art. How big or small is it? An 8x10 photo by itself will be swallowed up by a large wall. A large wall doesn’t necessarily need many photos where one large photo would make a dramatic statement.

Where is the space located and how much light does it get during the day? Do you want it to be the focal point of the room or as a supplement to the overall ambiance of the area. If it is the latter, consider other pieces and if the photo or a collection of photos will add to it. Check all angles of the room on how the artwork will be viewed from different vantage points.

Hanging Wall Art

Although art reflects your tastes and personality, there are a few guidelines you can follow if you are unsure on how to hang it without having to hire a professional.

First, you need to have the appropriate tools for the wall you are using like drywall, plaster, brick, etc. The weight of the wall art will determine the appropriate tools needed for the job but the basic tools are a hammer, measuring tape and pencil.

For light-weight wall art a small pack of small nails will do the job.

For medium-weight wall art that weighs more than a few pounds you will need picture hangers as well.

For heavy wall art the tools that are required include big nails, stud-finder or wall plug anchors and screws and a screwdriver.

Different wall surfaces like tile, glass, and brick require different tools. If hanging on tile or glass then you’ll need quality adhesive hooks and a brick wall requires brick clamps.

Before you do anything, always check the back of the wall art to see what hardware is attached to it so you can buy the correct hanging hardware.

Second, map out the design on how you want the artwork to look on the wall using painter’s tape. This way you minimize the number of holes in the wall.

Third, you need to measure the correct height to hang your pictures. The general recommendation is to hang a picture at eye level. With that being said, the average line of sight is 57-60 inches above ground and this is where the center of the photo should be.

Fourth, measure where you want the nail to be on the wall to coordinate to the middle of the photo and the hanging hardware. There are many ways to do this from using a measuring tape, painters tape or measuring tools that you can purchase to take the guesswork out of it.

Time to hang the wall art. For heavy pieces use the stud finder to find the stud behind the wall and hammer the nail into the stud. If the stud is not in the right place then use an anchor and screw combination. Drill a hole and then tap the plastic anchor into it. Then screw the screw into the anchor leaving just enough showing to hang the wire or sawtooth on it.

Alternative Options

I love leaning photos on shelves, against furniture or on the floor in a corner. Also, I use easels for smaller pieces of artwork scattered around my home.

In conclusion, depending on the space, the artwork and your personal design, you can hang it however it feels best to reflect your vision. Maybe try something different to make a statement or to engage conversation. Suggested guidelines are just that - suggestions.

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