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How Do YOU Want to Look?

#BrandYOU 📸 How Do YOU Want to Look?

Mustache or no mustache? Glasses or no glasses? Hair up or down? I always ask my clients, especially actors, how do you want to look in your headshot.

I think most people are concerned about how they look and not necessarily how others might see them and it becomes important for a headshot photo. It's important for clients to see themselves as others see them in their photos. If you are an actor looking for a certain type of role, or a business person branding themselves, you need to consider what the photo will convey about YOU.

This is Sakib, an actor at the @actorsloft in Royal Oak. When I first met him, he was wearing glasses and he chose not to wear them in his photos as he only wore them for comfort while working. He did choose to be photographed both with a mustache and clean shaven. By his photos you can see they are two different looks and should help him get hired to play a variety of roles.

How do YOU want to look? Let’s talk.

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