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Create Your Brand Buzz!

#BrandYou 📸 Create Your Brand Buzz!

It’s time to create your Brand Buzz! Whether it’s a new career, or a brand refresh or if you have multiple businesses, then it’s time to make your brand shine and create some buzz!

What is the first step? Marketing.

New marketing materials especially branded for you begins with a brand headshot session. When was the last time you had professional photos taken of yourself? Let’s talk to discuss your shoot. Do you want a full shoot in studio or do you also have a business or model home for a more lifestyle type of shoot? Do you want to wear a favorite suit that makes you feel fabulous? How about a casual vibe, evening wear or a stylish print? It all depends on you and the brand perception you want to give to clients. At the consultation, we’ll talk about the customization of your shoot to create YOUR brand buzz.

Meet Kat, a new realtor at Keller Williams Lakeside, who had a brand headshot session in studio and during the consultation we discussed what she wanted to portray to her clients. Backdrops, poses and clothing were all part of the conversation so when the day of her shoot arrived she knew what to expect. Contact Kat if you are selling a home or looking for a place to buy, she’s eager to be your agent!

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