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Childhood Portraits - Priceless!

One of the joys of photographing children is I never know what I will get out of them during the shoot. Sometimes they give me a blank stare, and I wonder will they cooperate for me. Or, in this day with selfies, they ham it up and have their own idea of how to pose. Then again, they might be tired of selfies, and not want to take any photos at all. But when the chance comes to shoot the same child after a couple of years, I jump at it. I wonder if they will be the same, act the same and mostly I want to see how they have grown and how the images will reflect the changes. I photographed Ally a few years ago when I did a generational shoot with her mom and grandma. She was quite animated when I gave her posing directions and was a lot of fun when I asked to pose on her own. Fast forward a couple of years and I got the opportunity to photograph Ally again after her communion ceremony at church. The weather was hot and there wasn’t a lot of places with shade to take pictures without sun. I could tell that Ally had grown and this time when I asked her to pose, she was thoughtful, patient and a real trooper with the uncomfortable heat. The beauty of photographing children throughout their childhood is capturing their growth; all caught through the lens of a camera. This is them, at this point in their lives. Priceless! Congratulations on your First Communion Ally! #portraits #childrensportraits#communion

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