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Childhood Portraits

📸 Childhood Portraits

One of the joys of photographing children is I never know what I will get out of them during the shoot. But when the chance comes to shoot a child to mark a milestone in their life, I jump at the chance because I know this photo will be around for years as a cherished memory.

I photographed Gia for her First Communion. We had a formal session and more of a lifestyle one on the actual day. It was a milestone in her life with a bit of tradition thrown into the mix. She wore the same dress her mother wore when she made her first communion in 1989. Also the veil that both her mother and aunt wore so many years ago. Around her neck was a pearl necklace from her grandmother. She was given 2 treasured Missals, one that was her grandfather’s and the other from her mother. Baptismal gifts of a cross pendant and rosary were also captured in the photos. Both old and new played a role in her big day and were captured in photos to create a lasting memory for her.

The beauty of photographing children throughout their childhood is capturing their growth; all caught through the lens of a camera. This is them, at this point in their lives. Priceless! Congratulations on your First Communion Gia!

(Lifestyle coming soon) #portraits #childrensportraits #communion

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