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Actor Headshots

Headshots have evolved since the advent of social media and selfies. It used to be that photos were cropped from mid-chest to the top of the head, and nowadays, it can include full and 3/4 length photos of the body, unless you are an actor.

Actor headshots are for getting agents to represent you and casting directors to hire you. They are interested in your face and your personality, therefore, an actor headshot should be a color photo cropped from mid-chest to the top of the head.

There are mainly two types of headshots that an actor needs: one for theater and tv - the serious, non-smiling shot, and a commercial shot with a smiling expression that shows your personality.

At a consultation with an actor, I always ask if they want photos to show a specific “type” of role that they are interested in, like an attorney, dad, mom, athlete... and the clothing options for each one. The main thing to remember is to show the actor’s personality for both serious and commercial images.

This is Aaron, an actor at the @theactorsloft in Royal Oak. He chose multiple clothing options as well as having photos that showed him with and without facial hair for different types of roles. #headshots #actorsheadshots #actors

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