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7 Brand Photos for Every Business Owner

📸 #BrandYOU

Each brand session I design with the client’s input is unique, but every session should include the following “must have” shots with a description of why they are important to your shoot.

1. Professional Brand Headshot. The one photo that immediately connects you to your target audience. It shows professionalism and that you are serious about your business. This photo is used for business cards and as a profile image on social media.

2. Lifestyle Headshots. This is a casual headshot and shows personality that initiates familiarity so potential clients feel they know you already before the first meeting. These photos can be used in various ways for your social media content, but just because it's casual, doesn’t negate the need for a professional photo. If you want your personality to shine use a professional photographer to get magazine style quality photographs.

3. Behind the Scenes. These photos take clients behind the scenes of what you do in your business and can see you in action. It gives the perception of quality and builds trust that you want your clients to have about you, your work, your product and business. For example, if your work is mostly online, then photos with you working on a laptop is a great way to show you at work.

4. Clients. A visual representation of you conducting business with other clients helps others to purchase your services with more confidence and reassurance. Ask family, friends or even past clients to participate in your photo shoot.

5. Details. Detail shots zoom in on specific areas of your business. They provide interest to a certain detail like a process, product or an event on your social media. These photos draw people in by their simplicity and single point of focus. This is also a good way to show promotional items with your logo and any brand swag.

6. Interior and Exterior. Show off your place of business with professional photos! It defines the space and helps to set expectations for people when they arrive. They evoke a confidence of quality and make it inviting for customers to want to visit. Bad or dark business photos do just the opposite.

7. Products. Here a few reasons to include photos of your products. 1. you can sell them online, 2. highlight new, sale or unique items on Facebook and Instagram, 3. add value to your branding photos with the addition of product photos.

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