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It's Your Time

A woman wears many hats: a mom, wife, caregiver and employee to name just a few. Being a mom, I know like other moms, our kids and their schedules come first and our needs and wants come last. Wives have to compromise with their partners so they share responsibility for the household decisions and other matters. Add being either an entrepreneur of your own company or working as an employee for someone else, the intent of the roles are basically the same - to serve others to be successful.

But what about you? When do you have time to experience just being you, or to feel special and celebrate your beauty inside and out?

While the kids were growing up or you were getting established in your career, time slipped by unnoticed. So when the children are on their own and retirement is looming on the horizon, if not already here, now it becomes your time to think about YOU. When was the last time you had your portrait done? Not a selfie, not a group shot at some event but at a studio where it was just the photographer and you. A few hours...all about you!

Is this selfish? No. You've spent a lifetime taking care of others, now it's your time.

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