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Keep moving forward!

I like to make some of my own backdrops and currently working on two of them. Due to an unforeseen event the painting of one of them was put on hold but hoping to continue with it this week. While somewhat disappointed with the delay, I realized I had other things to do in my business. A continuing education course that keeps me busy with videos and homework and always fine tuning the administrative piece of the business. I was once told in a photography business class that taking photos is only 12% of where your time is spent. While I believed it then, actually living it brings it home. There is bookkeeping, editing of photos, advertising/marketing, communications, networking, and printing to name a few. I do like the business end of things but I love taking beautiful images. I console myself that proper preparation keeps things more efficient now and in the future. A future of creative backdrops for beautiful portraits for clients to enjoy that will last for many years. “Always forward!” Saint Maria Chaira’s life motto.

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