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The Year to Enjoy Yourself

#BrandYOU 📸 2024 - The Year to Enjoy Yourself

2023 was a difficult year for many people, myself included. At the start of every new year, we are bombarded internally and externally with thoughts to do better this year, get fit, make more money, try new things…and the list goes on. While that’s all good, it can be exhausting which leads to disenchantment and then we stop altogether, until the next year. It’s a vicious cycle.

Let’s be kinder to ourselves and carefully choose what we want to do and how we do it, thereby Enjoying it more. The big one - losing weight especially after eating the delicious holiday fare. With holiday visits done, most people find they eat less anyway so the next thing would be to exercise. I think the word “exercise” alone can defeat our purpose. I prefer to stay in “Motion” or to generate “Movement” instead of exercise. Find what you like to do and do it. Dancing, biking, walking in nature, whatever it is, the important thing is to move. When you find what you love to do, you will do it well and often. Exercise, motion, movement or whatever you want to call it, makes you feel good physically, it gives a sense of accomplishment and clothes fit better. But all exercise is not created equal in our minds. So the best exercise is the one you Enjoy doing. (Tips: 1) Check with your doctor first before starting a new activity. The doctor may have recommendations on what you should do based on your own physical situation. 2) Buy a mini trampoline for when the weather is bad and every hour walk on it to get your steps in without leaving your house).

Do you want to try new things? I do, so I took a Pickleball class and started playing a game I had heard about from others. Travel more? I do. Travel can be expensive so make a list and number the places you want to visit with 1 being the one place you want to visit the most. Out of your budget this year, then go to the next one and so on. If they are all out of reach at the moment, then look locally for places to visit and instead of a multi-day vacation, take day trips. I’m sure where you live there are many treasures to explore and within a day’s time. Places you can Enjoy without breaking the bank and at the same time enrich your life through new experiences.

2024 - the year to be kinder to ourselves while we move forward at our own pace, in our own way and to Enjoy the journey.

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