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Commission Fine Wall Art

#FineArt 📸 Commission Fine Wall Art

Do you have a wall in your home or place of business that you can’t seem to find the perfect piece of art for it? I’m sure this is the case for many of you like it was for me with the wall space above my fireplace. It wasn’t until I was trying some new lighting setups, using myself as a model, that I accidentally created a photo to use for that very spot. So when you cannot find what you want in stores or online, make your own or commission one.

That’s exactly what a client of mine did after she redecorated her bathroom and she couldn’t find wall art to hang on one of the walls. She commissioned me to create a photograph for her. She showed me a photo of what she wanted that had pink flowers in a vase with a gray background. Using the photo as the basis for our discussion we talked about her bathroom decor, what she wanted to hang, flowers she wanted and framing options. Her friend gave her a bouquet of these beautiful pink peonies from her garden which we placed in a clear vase to keep the focus on the flowers. To make the flowers pop, I photographed it with a dark gray background which coordinated with her gray wallpaper and the silver frame.

The image was printed to 16x20 and put into a silver frame. (See photo). I loved it so much that I printed a 16x20 image for myself and framed it in a dark wood for my bedroom. This image would also look spectacular framed in gold metal and a dark gray wood.

If you can’t find what you want or you want a unique wall art piece then have one commissioned or create your own.

This image can be purchased from my Fine Art Gallery on my website at

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