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Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is the one place I let go of the daily routine and the stress that goes along with it. I remember many years ago, when the kids were young, we were biking around the island. During the last leg, I gazed at the deep blue Lake Huron and the brilliant blue of a cloudless sky with the sun blazing overhead and physically felt the burden leave my shoulders, that I didn't even know I was carrying around with me. Ever since then, it is the place that fully relaxes me when I am there. In 2019, I was suffering with being light headed all the time. As I stepped off the ferry and walked along Main Street, it disappeared and never really came back. Visiting again in 2021 after a year unlike no other I had experienced in my lifetime, and blessed with my business busier than ever, it was the medicine I needed to let go of stress and just be...because when I am there, I concentrate on being in the moment with my family and surroundings while everything else fades until a later time.

The month of August during my days at a corporate job, my European colleagues took the entire month off for vacation. In Europe, when you start a job, you get 6 weeks off from day 1, at least you did when I worked there. I thought about it over the summer and decided that this August, while I couldn't take the entire month off, I would slow down and take the last week off. This was a good decision. Starting with Phelan and Quinlan arriving from Florida on my granddaughter's birthday and party, family talks and dinners, side trips, all culminating in going to Mackinac Island Labor Day weekend, to my sanctuary and where I leave all worries behind as soon as I get on 1-75 North.

Here are photos of Mackinac Island. Note to self - take more photos of family.

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