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Why I Love Portraiture

I love portraiture! It is that simple. I have loved photography for as long as I remember but photos that come to life in prints take my breath away. Vintage photos take me back to another time and makes me wonder about the people in the photo. What was their life like when they stopped what they were doing to create a moment in time by posing for a photo? I want to touch the luxurious fabric of the clothes and dream about a time different from my own. I relish these photographs even though they are scratched and creased.

Personalized fine art, anniversary, keepsake, gift, memories... A few reasons to bring your photos to print. This is a photoshoot of my daughter and granddaughter. To help Prima celebrate her 10 year wedding anniversary, we did a shoot with her wedding gown. We also wanted to celebrate the changes she had in the last 10 years. The arrival of Gia and her achievement of her teaching degree both of which have enriched her life beyond measure and certainly worth celebrating and capturing in print.

Today the photos can be printed in so many different papers and textures that literally bring the photos to life. Paper using lustre and deep matte finishes, metal, acrylic and canvas to name some of the options available for print. These materials will create personalized fine art to adorn your walls and tabletops or to give away.

I know lives are busy and it takes time to plan a shoot, get the clothes, haircuts, etc. but once it’s over and prints are delivered, every time clients look at them, they will be glad that they took the time out of their busy schedules to capture this lasting keepsake as a gift for themselves, family and friends.

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