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What are your social media needs?

#BrandYOU Do you need headshots sized for your social media pages and website? Once you have chosen your favorite headshots I can format them for you to use on all your social media pages. Square crops for profile images on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. I can extend backgrounds on your images for Facebook and website banners, giving you plenty of room to add your logo and some text. These are add-on items to your headshot service and customized to fit your needs.

The last 2 years exploded with online activity due to the pandemic. Industries that worked in offices and meetings held in conference rooms suddenly had to change to an online presence. Even doctors adapted with "tele-visit" appointments. Now the need is greater than ever to have polished professional headshots and branding photos to keep up with the ever changing marketing rules to keep you and your brand relevant to potential clients. #brandportraits #branding #headshots IG: ginadinvphotography_portraits

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