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Time to Plan


It’s that time of year to start your business & marketing plan for the new year. Last year I developed plans for this year, as I have the last couple of years, and being disciplined I was able to stick to it midway into the 4th quarter and counting… Yay! The first year is tough but if you stick with it, then it becomes the foundation on which to build on for the next year and so forth…

Looking toward next year with an updated plan, I will also review what worked and didn’t work this year; decide on items to add and stuff to remove to create a robust plan that is up-to-date with fresh content. It’s always a good idea to evaluate for ways to continuously improve your business.

Building social media content, updating headshot and branding photos, developing marketing materials, working client databases, creating new ways to improve the client experience, etc. It’s an exciting time to bring imagined opportunities to fruition. Let’s get going!

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