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The Disappearing Era 2020

Times have not changed since I wrote a similar blog in 2017. Our photos have become throwaway memories captured from our smart phones. The invention of these phones certainly make life easier, but what happens once we take photos and our storage becomes limited?

These photos are in danger of being lost. When loved ones are no longer with us, we scramble to find old photographs for tangible evidence of them, and to experience the joy of remembering the times we had together. We treasure images of ancestors from long ago even though the grainy photos are in black and white. We love the vintage feel of another time and spend money to restore them so a new generation can enjoy them. So, what happens when there aren't any old photographs for us to enjoy?

We are living in a disappearing era because we no longer capture our family and friends in portraits and our walls are empty of those, we long to keep close to us. If ever there was a time to renew our interest in portrait photography, it is now. Technology changes quickly creating fast-paced lives, more frequent travel and children who live in other states and countries.

Portraits are created to bring joy to your family, but just as important they bring joy to you. Do this for yourself, to celebrate who you are and take delight in being you. Display them where you can see them every day, give them to family and friends as gifts, but most importantly, they are your legacy to be passed down to your children from generation to generation. Rediscover portrait photography for a joy that keeps giving for a lifetime. Featured are my treasured photos of my father and my paternal grandparents. #existinphotos #portraits #legacyportraits #yourlegacy #familymemories

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases: It will never pass into nothingness." - John Keats

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