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Graduate Headshots

Updated: Apr 4

#BrandYOU 📸 - College Graduate Headshots

College graduates, get your career started on the right foot with professional headshots. I specialize in brand headshots, so let’s create photos that will elevate you above others trying to get into the same industry.

You have put in 4+ years of studying for your career post college. It’s an exciting time but can be a little intimidating transitioning from college life to a professional life, but it’s the time to get serious!

On average you have 20 seconds to get recruiters to notice your resume and to take the next step to research your online presence. A brand headshot shows that you are ready to launch your career and becomes the centerpiece of your communication channel that connects you to your target company.

The ladder of success begins with a great headshot that distinguishes you from the rest!

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