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Family Mini Session - Choosing a Location

#PortraitYOU 📸 Family Mini Session - Choosing a Location

Years ago, when photographers did a family shoot it was usually in a studio with clients wearing formal clothes. I’m sure many studios still do it. I like the studio look, I think it is classic and timeless and to give it a fresh look, it can be styled like a magazine photo. But today, the latest trend for families is to experience a lifestyle session shot outside on location. I’ll be honest, when I first started shooting professionally over 7 years ago, I wasn’t a fan of the lifestyle look, but it has grown on me. Now I like the casual look with families and have added it to my services that I provide to clients.

So where do you shoot a lifestyle session? First of all, it’s not really about the location, rather it’s the feel of the photo that’s matters. When I talk to clients I ask them what photos they are drawn to and this gives me an idea of what type of location is needed.

1. Do you want a beachy, breezy, bohemian vibe? Then a beach, or a location with water or an open field is the place to go.

2. If you like a more formal look without going to a studio, maybe a vintage venue would be the ticket. A place known for it’s stately architecture with pillars, large doors or a sweeping staircase.

3. If you are a city person, how about an urban location? A cityscape with tall buildings and large windows that reflect the city scene would be spectacular.

4. Is there a place that has a special meaning for you? Photos taken there would enhance the treasured memories you already have of it.

I think the feel of the photo is the most important thing to consider, but you might also want it to go with your decor. What does your home look like it and where do you intend to hang your family wall art?

In the end, if the client doesn’t have a preference then I choose the location. After meeting and asking them questions about the shoot I get an idea of the location I want to use for their session.

The main thing, as always, is to make memories with your family!


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