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Generation Shoots

I had a Generations shoot with 2 lovely women and an enchanting young lady. To me Generation shoots are about celebrating with the ones who share our lives. The people who know us best, who know our joys, our hurts, our misses and our successes. These are the ones who support us with a kind word, a shoulder to cry on or by just being there.

Generation shoots are also about our legacy. From one generation to the next... we have so much to learn from the ones who came before us, so we should take the time to be with them, talk to them and embrace the warmth of these relationships.

Generation photos are a memento that keeps on giving as a reminder all year long and keeps those we love close to us.

I hope your holiday get-togethers are filled with love and joy spent with family and friends. "Family where life begins and love never ends." - Unknown

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